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Download Demo,examples,sample tutorial with source code. provide demo source code for student for his project they can implements in his project. We are provide all source code free for use any ware. This demo available many programming language like android,iphone,vb,html,java,jsp,C# .net,php many. You can share your demo with us.

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Newest uploaded demos code.

Login and Register with Sqlite in Android


Hello Programmers,This is the simple sqlite implementation for login and register in simple android. By using this demo you can register your self in android device and you can use that credential for login after some time. So demo is giving the same... view more

android ,demo, login example, login demo , register page , register example , sqlite demo , sqlite i

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-13

Employee List Pagination Grid View in Php


Employee List Pagination Grid View simple demo with example.pagination is create in your project just changing a database table per your requirement.This demo using every projects.... view more


Php demo   jayvik 2015-04-16

Load GoogleMap in Android


Here is the demo for loading google maps in android. You can achieve this by using GoogleMap. You can change mapview to satellite hybrid and normal view. You just need to create fragment in layout xml: <fragment        and... view more

Load google map . android map view , how to load google maps in android

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-24

Login Page Example in Php


This post for PHP beginners Login Page Example. I want to explain creating database, posting form values, storing the session value and destroy the session. It’s is very useful and simple. Try live demo with Username : test Password :test .Pl... view more

php, demo, databas, login, logoutsession

Php demo   kishan 2015-03-25

Instagram Integration in Android


Hello ,This is the demo project for integrating instagram in android. You can login with the instagram API using this demo.For integration it you need to register with instagram. For that follow this steps.1. Goto view more

android , instagram , instagram integration in android m how to login with instagram , android insta

Android demo   kishan 2015-12-21

How to create Local Notification (Notification Manager) in Android


This demo will let you provide information about Local Notification in android. In this demo You will be guided how to create simple notification, Big notification, How to cancel notification and many more. All notification can be generated by notifi... view more

android, demo, local, notification, androidnotification, notificationmanager

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-20

Background Location Update Service in Android


Here is demo for location update in android in back ground. If your application needs updating your location at particular interval then you can use this demo for your implementation. In this demo you will get your location at every 10 seconds. you c... view more

android, demo, location, update, latitude, longitude, background service

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-16

Imageview Zoom in - Zoom Out (Pinch Zoom) in Android


In this demo you will learn about image view zoom in out functionality using basic android development tools. This demo will include one Imageview-gesture library. So you have to include in your project properties. You can pinch on screen an accordin... view more

Android, demo, pinchzoom, zoom in, zoom out, imageview , touch

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-01

Html5 Prologue in Android


Internet Cafe Monitoring System =================================== Readme File for Internet Cafe Monitoring System =================================== ========= CONTENTS ========= 1: Features 2: Installation and System Requirements ... view more

HTML5, responsive. Mobile

Android demo   jeremy 2014-12-30

Login with facebook in Android


This is the latest demo for login with Facebook in android. You can get the data from the Facebook and use that data to login in your application. We have used simple Facebook library for login with that data. You need to give Facebook permission for... view more

android fabook , login with facebook , fb login , how to login with facebook android , facebook logi

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-25

Textview typing animation in Android


Hello , this is the demo for animation textview like you are typing that word in computer of type writer. This may not be the most elegant solution, but the simplest is probably a quick subclass of Text View with a Handler that updates the text ever... view more

android , demo , text , textview animation , implemantaion of typing animation , typing animation tu

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-30

Turn wifi on off programatically in Android


Hello This is the demo for turning wifi on and off in android. You can achieve this by using WifiManger class. Here is the method for it. public void toggleWiFi(boolean status) { WifiManager wifiManager = (WifiManager) this .getSystemService... view more

android , demo , tag , turn wifi on , turn wifi off , wifi on off programatically

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-18

Listview with async image loader in Android


Hello , here is the demo project for loading images in the list view using AsyncTask. I have implemented this in the listview. you can put as per your requirements.... view more

android , demo , listview with async image loader , image load in listview , load image using asycta

Android demo   kishan 2015-08-06

Make ToDo List (Using SQlite Database) in Android


Hello , this is the sample demo for making to do list in android. Here i have created Todo List using SQLITE database. You can add you list , and update and delete you list also. You can sort data in ascending and descending order also. So download t... view more

android , demo , make to do list , how to make to do list in android , make todo list using SQLITE i

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-17

AudioRecorder in Android


This demo will include the recording of sound in two format like .3gp ang MPEG4 usinf mediaplayer. It will also include how to start and stop the media recording. There are two buttons for that.... view more

android, recording,mediaplayer, audio, audioplayer

Android demo   kishan 2014-10-08

YouTube Intro Video Play inside App in Android


This Demo plays YouTube video inside your app. You can show Intro video of your app directly from YouTube using this demo. Also can play any YouTube videos using this demo.... view more

YouTube Player, VideoPlayer, Video Streaming

Android demo   hardikmaru2001 2017-03-10

Hotel boking in Java


booking room in hotel h hkekh i ugighh, s 8hgoiksfg sgf07n  e4t9hdgrklng 074wtkgt0y lgrhdri;h fhkjgh456 6598555fghhye hy276..gjudghjhgiufkjgih fgzgxgfhxzfghzfg... view more


Java demo   akash1000 2017-06-09

Android ListView With ArrayAdapter in Android


This demo will let you add string items in listview in android.  it will let you know that how add item in listview and use of that items. there is no anything else you need to do.... view more

android listview , how to implement list view in android , how set string value in listview android

Android demo   kishan 2014-09-25

Custom Expandable Listview in Android


Hello, This demo will be used for creating custom expandable list view. For creating custom expandable list you need to create two view one for groups and one for child view. In this particular demo you will be guided by how to create your own custom... view more

android , demo , list , expandablelist , custom

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-28

Activity Transition Animation in Android


Hello , In this demo the implementation of activity animation is implemented. You can achieve this by giving animation to overridePendingTransition.  you can give two type of animation for going next activity and one for coming back to that activit... view more

android ,demo , animation, how to give animation to activity , animation to next activity , animatio

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-14