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Free Download Canvasview (Draw in canvas) Demo in Android.

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Android development tutorial with demos and sample codes. Here you can download Android demo code for your projects and tutorial helpful for learning Android development. Canvasview (Draw in canvas)demo with simple code example development in Android. Download Canvasview (Draw in canvas) source code with screen shot and video tutorials. Android Example Source Code. Android tutorial for beginners youtube video. Android sample basic example tutorial for learning beginners and experiences developer.

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implement Canvasview (Draw in canvas) in Android programmatically.

Simple Canvasview (Draw in canvas) example with screen shots. android , demo , canvas , canvasview , drawimage in canvas , draw circle in canvas , set background . Canvasview (Draw in canvas) this demo development by kishan.

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Canvasview (Draw in canvas) demo overviews.

Title : Canvasview (Draw in canvas)
Submit by : kishan
Programming Language : Android
Posting Date : 2015-04-09 06:12:28
Demo Type : mobile
Demo Tag : android , demo , canvas , canvasview , drawimage in canvas , draw circle in canvas , set background
Viewed : 1115
No of download : 7

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Canvasview (Draw in canvas) Demo Description.

Here is the demo for canvas drawing in android you can do this following things by canvas. 


Undo / Redo / Clear

this.canvas.undo();   // Undo
this.canvas.redo();   // Redo
this.canvas.clear();  // Clear canvas


The application that use this library has 3 states.

// Setter
this.canvas.setMode(CanvasView.Mode.DRAW);    // for drawing
this.canvas.setMode(CanvasView.Mode.TEXT);    // for drawing Text
this.canvas.setMode(CanvasView.Mode.ERASER);  // for using Eraser

// Getter
CanvasView.Mode mode = this.canvas.getMode();


This libarary enable to draw Figures.

// Setter
this.canvas.setDrawer(CanvasView.Drawer.PEN);               // Use Pen Tool
this.canvas.setDrawer(CanvasView.Drawer.LINE);              // Draw Line
this.canvas.setDrawer(CanvasView.Drawer.RECTANGLE);         // Draw Rectangle
this.canvas.setDrawer(CanvasView.Drawer.CIRCLE);            // Draw Circle
this.canvas.setDrawer(CanvasView.Drawer.ELLIPSE);           // Draw Ellipse (Oval)
this.canvas.setDrawer(CanvasView.Drawer.QUADRATIC_BEZIER);  // Draw Quadratic Bezier

// Getter
CanvasView.Drawer drawer = this.canvas.getDrawer();

Background color

// Setter

// Getter
int backgroundColor = this.canvas.getBaseColor();

Stroke Style

// Setter

// Getter
Paint.Style strokeStyle = this.canvas.getPaintStyle();

Stroke Color

// Setter

// Getter
int color = this.canvas.getPaintStrokeColor();

Stroke Width

// Setter

// Getter
float strokeWidth = this.canvas.getPaintStrokeWidth();

Alpha (Opacity)

// Setter
this.canvas.setOpacity(128);  // between 0 and 255

// Getter
int opacity = this.canvas.getOpacity();


// Setter
this.canvas.setBlur(5F);  // greater than or equal to 0

// Getter 
float blur = this.canvas.getBlur();

Line Cap

// Setter

// Getter
Paint.Cap lineCap = this.canvas.getLineCap();

Draw Text

// Change Mode

// Setter
this.canvas.setText("Canvas View");

// Getter
String text = this.canvas.getText();

Font Family / Font Size

// Setter
this.canvas.setFontSize(24F);  // greater than or equal to 0

// Getter
Typeface fontFamily = this.canvas.getFontFamily();
float fontSize      = this.canvas.getFontSize();

Get Canvas as Bitmap

If application requires to save current canvas as Bitmap, the following methods enable to save.

Bitmap bitmap = this.canvas.getBitmap();

In the case of adjusting size,

Bitmap bitmap = this.canvas.getScaleBitmap(300, 200);  // 300 x 200

In the case of using byte array of bitmap,

// The 1st argument is format.
// The 2nd argument is quality.
byte[] bytes = this.canvas.getBitmapAsByteArray(CompressFormat.PNG, 100);


// Format is PNG. Quality is 100.
byte[] bytes = this.canvas.getBitmapAsByteArray();

In the case of using the specific bitmap,

// ....

byte[] bytes = CanvasView.getBitmapAsByteArray(bitmap, CompressFormat.PNG, 100);

Draw Bitmap to Canvas

From Bitmap,

// ....


, From byte array of bitmap

// ....


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