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Kishan Dhamat's profile

Education : Aits
University : GTU
My Specialities : Android,Java,Sqlite,
Working In : Zerones Rajkot

Demo upload by Kishan Dhamat

Direct Reply From Notification in Android


HelloThis is the demo tutorial for creating a notification and make a direct reply from the improved notification tray itself.If you have Android N installed on your device, you may have noticed the new way the notifications appear in the notificatio... view more

Android Notification , Reply Notification , Make reply from notification

Android demo   kishan 2019-04-03

Instagram Like Photo Picker in IPhone


-UIImagePickerController alternative - Cropping images in camera roll - Taking a square-sized photo and a video using AVFoundation -  Flash: On & Off  -  Camera Mode: Front & Back  -  Video Mode -... view more


IPhone demo   kishan 2019-03-08

Smooth SignatureView in Android


HelloHere is the demo for making the smooth sign on the Android canvas. Android library for drawing smooth signatures. You can use for implementing in your application for drawing lines on canvas.Features:Customizable pen color and sizeBit map S... view more

Android Custom Signature, Android Sign view , Android Paint on Canvas, How to make a paint app

Android demo   kishan 2019-02-26

Whatsapp like camera for photos and video in Android


HelloHere is the demo for creating camera view like WhatsApp. If you click on the capture button then it will click photos. If you hold the button then it will record the video. There will be a preview after capturing a video or photo like insta... view more

Android camera tutorial, How to create a whatsapp layout camera, Instagram camera android, Take phot

Android demo   kishan 2019-02-25

Android material design Edittext view (Floating Label )using TextinputLayout in Android


Hello, In this demo project implementation of the android material design edittext with text input layout is shown. You can implement it with android studio.For implementing it you can implement following things in the  build.gradledependen... view more

Android Material design , Material design editext , Edittext with material Design , Animating Editte

Android demo   kishan 2016-09-23

Instagram Integration in Android


Hello ,This is the demo project for integrating instagram in android. You can login with the instagram API using this demo.For integration it you need to register with instagram. For that follow this steps.1. Goto view more

android , instagram , instagram integration in android m how to login with instagram , android insta

Android demo   kishan 2015-12-21

How to integrate Paypal SDK in Android


Hello, This is the demo for integrating PAYPAL in android. In this demo you can integrate paypal payment gateway system in android. There are two type Environment for paypal.1. ENVIRONMENT_SANDBOX : For testing purpose.2. ENVIRONMENT_PRODUC... view more

android , paypal , paypal SDK , integrating paypal in android ,

Android demo   kishan 2015-12-15

Listview with async image loader in Android


Hello , here is the demo project for loading images in the list view using AsyncTask. I have implemented this in the listview. you can put as per your requirements.... view more

android , demo , listview with async image loader , image load in listview , load image using asycta

Android demo   kishan 2015-08-06

GooglePlus Login (Using Default Google+ Api) in Android


Hello , This demo is for login with google plus api in android. In this demo the complete tutorial of the Google+ api is implemented. You can get user information from the google api like username , email id , google plus id , first name and last nam... view more

android , google plus android,android login with google plus , google+ api , how to login with googl

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-26

Login with facebook in Android


This is the latest demo for login with Facebook in android. You can get the data from the Facebook and use that data to login in your application. We have used simple Facebook library for login with that data. You need to give Facebook permission for... view more

android fabook , login with facebook , fb login , how to login with facebook android , facebook logi

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-25

Load GoogleMap in Android


Here is the demo for loading google maps in android. You can achieve this by using GoogleMap. You can change mapview to satellite hybrid and normal view. You just need to create fragment in layout xml: <fragment        and... view more

Load google map . android map view , how to load google maps in android

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-24

How to make widget in Android


Hello this is the demo for making widget in android. Here is the whole implementation of making widget in android. You will get this widget in your widget list. You can refresh widget by clicking refresh button. So This article describes ho... view more

android widget , make android widget , how to make widget in android , make widget programatically

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-23

Check battery Temprature in Android


Hello this is the demo for checking battery temperature all the time. In this code the broadcast receiver is called when temperature is increased or decreased. You can achieve this by using :  IntentFilter localIntentFilter = new localIntentFilt... view more

android , demo , check battery temprature , how to check battery temprature , battery temprature br

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-20

Turn wifi on off programatically in Android


Hello This is the demo for turning wifi on and off in android. You can achieve this by using WifiManger class. Here is the method for it. public void toggleWiFi(boolean status) { WifiManager wifiManager = (WifiManager) this .getSystemService... view more

android , demo , tag , turn wifi on , turn wifi off , wifi on off programatically

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-18

Make ToDo List (Using SQlite Database) in Android


Hello , this is the sample demo for making to do list in android. Here i have created Todo List using SQLITE database. You can add you list , and update and delete you list also. You can sort data in ascending and descending order also. So download t... view more

android , demo , make to do list , how to make to do list in android , make todo list using SQLITE i

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-17

GetRegistered Email Account from Device in Android


Hello, In this example getting registered email Accounts in android phone.Getting primary(google) mail account and all registered acconts. Showing accounts on screen. You can get all accounts details from AccountManger Class. Here is the method for g... view more

android , demo , tag , get email address list , get registered email from device , get gmail id from

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-16

Custom-font Implementation (Textview) in Android


Hello , Here is the latest demo for applying custom font to textview in android. In android, you can define your own custom fonts for the strings in your application. You just need to download the required font from the internet, and then place ... view more

android , demo , tectview demo , custom font to textview , custom-font in android

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-15

Open Camera in SurfaceView (Within Application) in Android


Hello This is the demo project for opening camera within application using surface view. You can open up camera and capture a photos in the application and share it also. This will resolve the issue of opening default camera. So enjoy this demo. Than... view more

android , demo , camera in surfaceview , open camera within the application , camera issue resolve

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-14

SidePanel with NavigationDrawer in Android


Hello Friend , This is the latest demo for implementing sidepanel in the android. You can implement it using default drawer. You can swipe left to open the sidepanel of the android app. So enjoy this demo. Thanks.... view more

android , demo , sidepanel , navigation drawer , implement sidepanel

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-09

Get list of installed application in Android


Hello , This is the demo for getting the list of Installed application on the android device.For getting the installed application you need to use Application Info and Package Manager class. You can list of all installed app by this class. Thanks.... view more

android , installed app list . get list view , get all installed app list ,

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-08

Activity For Result in Android


Hello , this is the demo for implementing activity result in android. Starting another activity doesn't have to be one-way. You can also start another activity and receive a result back. To receive a result you need to override OnActivityResult back... view more

android , tag , start activity for result , get result back from activity

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-07

Android Animations in Android


Hello There , Here is the latest demo for animating the object in android , Animation is to move or traslate or rotate etc.. object from one position to another. This Demo Includes .1. Fade In Animation in Android2. Fade Out Animation in Android3. ... view more

android , demo ,animations , Fade In Animation in Android ,Fade Out Animation in Android, Cross Fade

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-03

Show AlertDialog in Android


Hello This is the demo for showing alert dialog in android. An Alert dialog is a small window on screen that prompts the user to make a decision or enter additional information. An  Alertdialog does not fill the screen and is normally used for moda... view more

android , alert , dialog , positive button dialog, negative button dialog , show alert dialog in and

Android demo   kishan 2015-07-02

Implement QR code scanner in Android


Hello Friends, This is the simple demo for scanning QR code in android using default camera. You can get content of the after scanning the qrcode. The QR code can containg URL, Simple text , message , SMS , Phone number. So this is the demo for all t... view more

android , demo , qr tag, qr code scanner in android , implement qr code

Android demo   kishan 2015-06-06

Implementing Paypal in Android


Hello, This is the demo for implement Paypal library in android. So you can send money with the application and purchase service from application. So this is the whole implementation of Paypal. Thanks.... view more

android , paypal android , implement paypal

Android demo   kishan 2015-06-04

Integrating InApp purchase in Android


Hello, Your application accesses the In-app Billing service using an API that is exposed by the Google Play app that is installed on the device. In-app Billing can be implemented only in applications that you publish through Google Play.  This is th... view more

android , demo , in app purchase , implement in app purchase in android ,

Android demo   kishan 2015-06-04

Battery Indicator in Android


Hello , A Battery indicator is a device which gives information about a battery. This will usually be a visual indication of the battery's state of charge. so this is the demo for showing battery percentage in android. Thanks.... view more

android , tag , demo , battery indicator , show battery

Android demo   kishan 2015-05-23

Preference Activity in Android


Hello , this is the sample demo for implementing preference activity in android. It can me implemented by extending PreferenceActivity class. now there are many preference are there like list preference , checkbox preference , etc. Thanks.... view more

android, demo , preference , preference activity , list preference , checkbox preference

Android demo   kishan 2015-05-08

Datepicker Implementation in Android


Hello , this is the sample demo for implement date picker in android. You can implement it using class DatePicker and TimePicker. Thanks... view more

android , demo , tag , datepicker , datepicker in android , implement of date in android

Android demo   kishan 2015-05-07

Android Query (Aquery) implementation tutorial in Android


Hello , this is the implementation of the android query in android. You can do many thing using aqury. you can get bimatp from image. you can load image from server url. You can call AJAX. You can download Aquery library from here: http://code.googl... view more

android , dremo , aquery library , image loading , image caching , load image with progressbar , mem

Android demo   kishan 2015-05-06

Send Email using intent in Android


Hello , There this is the sample demo for sending email from android other app through intent. now you can select option for sending email from various applications. You can choose according to your needs. Thanks.... view more

android, demo , tag , tutorial , email send from android , send email through intent , simple send

Android demo   kishan 2015-05-05

Vibrate phone programatically in Android


Hello , This is the demo tutorial for vibrating phone in android. You can vibrate phone in android programatically Vibrator class. and you can vibrate phone by calling vibrate method. Thanks.... view more

android , demo , tutorial , vibration tutorial , vibrate phone in android , how two programatically

Android demo   kishan 2015-05-04

Text to speech in Android


Hello , This is the sample demo for converting text in to speech. in this demo lady will speak what you write. Android provides TextToSpeech class for this purpose. In order to use this class, you need to instantiate an object of this class and also... view more

android , demo , tutorial , text to speech , speak android

Android demo   kishan 2015-05-02

Show toast at different position(Gravity) in Android


Hello, This is the sample demo for showing toast in android. Implementation of toast with different gravity. In this demo you can show toast on1. Top-Left2. Top-Right3. Center4. Bottom-Left5. Bottom-RightThanks.... view more

android , show toast tutorial , demo , tutorail for toast , show toast , toast gravity

Android demo   kishan 2015-05-01

Textview typing animation in Android


Hello , this is the demo for animation textview like you are typing that word in computer of type writer. This may not be the most elegant solution, but the simplest is probably a quick subclass of Text View with a Handler that updates the text ever... view more

android , demo , text , textview animation , implemantaion of typing animation , typing animation tu

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-30

Pick image from gallery in Android


Hello , Android device has Gallery application installed by default which contains images and videos. It is the place where the images and videos you download from internet or upload from your computer can be viewed. In this particular demo you can ... view more

android , demo , tutorial , gallery , pick image from galley

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-29

Shortcut Implementation (Create and Remove) in Android


Hello , this is the demo for shortcut creation in android. shortcut is basically used for the launcher for the application. on click of that shortcut application can be launch. generally shortcut is created on desktop. Thanks.... view more

android , demo , create shortcut , remove shortcut , shortcut on desktop.

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-28

Brightness control (Light dim and full) in Android


Hello ,Android brightness is screen intensity in phone. if brighntess is full then intensity will be high. and if intensity is low then brightness also low. this is the simple demo for controlling the screen brightness in android using seek bar. you ... view more

android , demo , tag , brightness, light brightness , full bright ness , how to increase decrease b

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-27

Action bar implementation with hide and show in Android


Hello, The action bar is a window feature of android that identifies the user location, and provides user actions and navigation modes. Using the action bar offers your users a familiar interface across applications that the system gracefully adapts... view more

android , actionbar ,setup actionbar , hide actionbar , show actionbar , actionbar back button

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-25

Swipe Gasture Left-Right in Android


Hello Guyzz, This is demo for swipe gesture in android. You can get swipe gesture programatically and implement the functionality according to swipe type. So enjoy this demo for your implementation. Thanks.... view more

android , demo , tag , swipe gasture , left swipe , right swipe

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-16

Webview Implementation in Android


Hello This is the demo for implementation of web view in android . You can load String with html data or load URL in web view. You can also show progress dialog in web view until the whole page loaded. There are certain number of settings available f... view more

android , demo , webview , load url in webview , load string in webview , how to implement webview i

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-15

Activity Transition Animation in Android


Hello , In this demo the implementation of activity animation is implemented. You can achieve this by giving animation to overridePendingTransition.  you can give two type of animation for going next activity and one for coming back to that activit... view more

android ,demo , animation, how to give animation to activity , animation to next activity , animatio

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-14

Login and Register with Sqlite in Android


Hello Programmers,This is the simple sqlite implementation for login and register in simple android. By using this demo you can register your self in android device and you can use that credential for login after some time. So demo is giving the same... view more

android ,demo, login example, login demo , register page , register example , sqlite demo , sqlite i

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-13

Blur effect (Gausian blur) in Android


Hello Guyzz, This is the sample demo for giving blur effect in android. In this demo i have give blur effect to text view. now you can give your own view like mapview blur , and image view blur also. So by using this demo project you can give blur ef... view more

android , demo , blureffect , gausian blurr , how to blur in android , blurr effect in android , blu

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-11

Canvasview (Draw in canvas) in Android


Here is the demo for canvas drawing in android you can do this following things by canvas. APIUndo / Redo / Clearthis.canvas.undo(); // Undo this.canvas.redo(); // Redo this.canvas.clear(); // Clear canvasModeThe application that use this lib... view more

android , demo , canvas , canvasview , drawimage in canvas , draw circle in canvas , set background

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-09

Alarm Manager in Android


Hello this is demo for understanding the alarm manager of android. Alarms (based on the AlarmManager class) give you a way to perform time-based operations outside the lifetime of your application. For example, you could use an alarm to initiate a... view more

android , demo , alarm manager , set alarm , android alarm manager , how to set alarm in android , a

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-08

Spinner with Sqlite in Android


Hello , In this demo you will be introduced with android's basic component spinner implementation. You can either set string data into spinner or else you can add your custom layout also. so it this demo there is one sq lite database integration is t... view more

android , spinner , sqlite , spinnersqlite , databaseoperation in android , get data from database

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-07

Check internet connection in Android


Hello this demo is uploaded for checking internet connectivity available or not in the android device. you can check it by pressing button provided here or you can use your own logic for showing dialog or animating text view or by showing toast. So d... view more

android , demo , tag, check internet , internet dialog, show internet dialog,

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-06

Implementing Listview Search in Android


Hello Guyzz,This demo is uploaded for better understanding of list view search in android. In this demo you will guided by implementing list view search in android. There are various number of string are there in list view and there will be one edit ... view more

android , search , listview , demo, search string in listview, programatically , string search in li

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-04

Send SMS Programatically in Android


Hello Programmers,This is the latest demo for sending SMS application creation. This demo include sending SMS from android mobile from your custom application. In this demo you will be asked for entering text and receiver's contact number and one but... view more

android , demo , sms, send , recieve, pragmatically send sms , custom sms send

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-03

Imageview Zoom in - Zoom Out (Pinch Zoom) in Android


In this demo you will learn about image view zoom in out functionality using basic android development tools. This demo will include one Imageview-gesture library. So you have to include in your project properties. You can pinch on screen an accordin... view more

Android, demo, pinchzoom, zoom in, zoom out, imageview , touch

Android demo   kishan 2015-04-01

Create Custom Dialog in Android


In this demo project you will able to learn about how to make a custom dialog using your own views. Dialog is like a popup window to show some options to users(options like accept/decline or OK/Cancel). Using class to create dial... view more

android , demo, custom, dialog, custom dialog, create, customizasion

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-31

Auto complete Textview in Android


Hello, This demo is for understanding the concept of auto complete text view in android. The Auto complete text view is something like edit text in that when you start typing in that it will show matched suggestion. In this demo there are certain num... view more

android, demo, autocomplete ,textview , read, data , Strings

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-30

Custom Expandable Listview in Android


Hello, This demo will be used for creating custom expandable list view. For creating custom expandable list you need to create two view one for groups and one for child view. In this particular demo you will be guided by how to create your own custom... view more

android , demo , list , expandablelist , custom

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-28

Basic Tags Introduction in Html


In this particular example the simple introduction of basic tag of html script are shown . The tags like , , Paragraph, Unordered List, Ordered List , .. , Bold , Italic , break line are introduced. ... view more

android , demo, html , tags

Html demo   kishan 2015-03-27

Get Phone Contacts in Auto complete Textview in Android


In this demo you will be introduce by auto complete text view implementation using basic android programming language. In this particular example the auto complete text view will return certain name from your phone contacts when you start typing in a... view more

android, demo, autocomplete ,textview , read, data, phonecontact

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-27

Twitter Sharing (Twitt from application) in Android


Hello, This is the demo for share data from application to twitter. You can also share image from this demo application. For using this demo you just need to make one application from twitter developer console and run this application. Create your CO... view more

android, demom twitter, sharing, twitt, twitterintegration, twitersharing

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-26

Login Page Example in Php


This post for PHP beginners Login Page Example. I want to explain creating database, posting form values, storing the session value and destroy the session. It’s is very useful and simple. Try live demo with Username : test Password :test .Pl... view more

php, demo, databas, login, logoutsession

Php demo   kishan 2015-03-25

Draw RoutePath from one place to many place in GoogleMaps in Android


Hello, This demo is specially uploaded for drawing a route path from one source to many destination. In this demo you will be introduce by google maps api for drawing route path on Google Maps. For Implementing this you need to create Android Map Ke... view more

androi, demo, maps, googlemaps, paths, source, destination, google paths

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-25

CustomSeekBar With Floating Textview in Android


Hello, This is the demo for creating custom seek bar with value showing with according to thumb position and value. in this the text view will move with thumb as progress changed in seek bar. You can see the video of working in the attached YouTube l... view more

android, demo, seekbar, custom. floating textview,

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-24

How to create Custom Toast in Android


Hello Guyzz, Here is the latest demo for creating custom toast in android. We implement one good to tutorial for creating custom toast in android using basic android fundamentals. Thanks and Enjoy Programming.... view more

android, demo, toast, custom, customtoast

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-24

SQLite Intergration (Database) in Android


Hello, In this demo you will guided by integration of SQlite in android. The Primary operation for inserting, updating, getting all records from database is implemented in this demo. The creation of table and complete flow of SQLite is here. So Enjoy... view more

android, demo, sqlite, db, database, simple

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-23

How to add multiple language support (localization) in Android


Hello Folks, This is the latest demo for android localization support. In this demo you can get information about how add multiple language in one application. You can add multiple language using various string.xml files. Just download demo and ... view more

android, demo, localization, multiple, language, support, string, XML

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-21

How to create Local Notification (Notification Manager) in Android


This demo will let you provide information about Local Notification in android. In this demo You will be guided how to create simple notification, Big notification, How to cancel notification and many more. All notification can be generated by notifi... view more

android, demo, local, notification, androidnotification, notificationmanager

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-20

WifiDataAccess (Information) in Android


This demo will show you how to get nearby WIFI device's information.In this demo You will get information about WIFI SSID, Strength, Channel, Frequency, And Capability. You can also get near by Router's Range and BSSID.... view more

android, demo, wifidata, wifi, access, SSID, WifiRange

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-18

Tab Layout With Swipeable Views in Android


This demo includes android tab view with swipe gestures integration. In this demo you will be introduce with tabs in android. In this tutorial we will learn on how to make tab views using ViewPager and ActionBar. Currently TabHost has been deprecated... view more

android, demo, tabs, actionbar, supportv7, swipe, swipetabs

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-17

Drag And Drop items in listview in Android


This demo includes list view with Many items there. you can pick one item and drag to your desired position according to your need. This will be dragged with beautiful animation.This demo will need to run in android minimum API level 11. So take care... view more


Android demo   kishan 2015-03-16

Background Location Update Service in Android


Here is demo for location update in android in back ground. If your application needs updating your location at particular interval then you can use this demo for your implementation. In this demo you will get your location at every 10 seconds. you c... view more

android, demo, location, update, latitude, longitude, background service

Android demo   kishan 2015-03-16

Contact Operations (Insert & Get) in Android


This demo includes inserting and getting contact details in android. In this you can add name and phone number to your contact list. This Demo will required minimum version of android SDK is 3.... view more

android, demo, contact, getcontact, insertcontact

Android demo   kishan 2015-01-08

File Read-Wirte operation in Android


This demo will let you understand file read and write operation in android. This demo will include three buttons for storing ,retrieving and clearing data into a file. For Reading writing data into file you must give read write permission to manifest... view more

android,file,readwrite, demo, github

Android demo   kishan 2015-01-08

Android Graphics And Animations in Android


This demo includes # viewpager animation# progressbar animation # listview animations# card flip# screen slider... view more

android, demo, animation,viewpager, graphics, slider,

Android demo   kishan 2014-12-29

Working with Camera API (Image And Video) in Android


Android camera implementation can be done in two ways. One is to use android inbuilt camera application which is very easy process provided by default api. This method won’t give you much control over camera as everything is taken care by inbuilt c... view more


Android demo   kishan 2014-12-29

Customgridview in Android


Android gridview implementation in native sourcecode, this demo will let you understand imlementation of custom gridview. ... view more

android, gridview, customgridview

Android demo   kishan 2014-12-19

Taking ScreenCapture (Take ScreenShot) Android in Android


This demo will use for Taking screen shot of your screen using android programming. In this demo include taking screen capture and it will store that image into gallery.... view more

Android, screen, capture, screenshot, demo, take scrrenshot,imageview,

Android demo   kishan 2014-12-05

AudioRecorder in Android


This demo will include the recording of sound in two format like .3gp ang MPEG4 usinf mediaplayer. It will also include how to start and stop the media recording. There are two buttons for that.... view more

android, recording,mediaplayer, audio, audioplayer

Android demo   kishan 2014-10-08

Async TaskLoader in Android


This demo will let you under stand the use of Asynctask over threads. this demo includes getting installed application from your device using async task loader.... view more


Android demo   kishan 2014-10-07

BackgroundService (Service) in Android


This demo will let you understand how to create service in android. This demo will include start and stop that service programatically using music file as a source.... view more


Android demo   kishan 2014-10-01

Android Broadcast Reciever in Android


ANDROID BROADCAST RECIEVERThis demo of reciever will let you under stand how to call receiver in android programatically. this demo includes both internal and external broadcast reciever. ... view more

android, demo, broadcastreciever, internal broadcast receiver, external broadcast reciever

Android demo   kishan 2014-09-30

Android ListView With ArrayAdapter in Android


This demo will let you add string items in listview in android.  it will let you know that how add item in listview and use of that items. there is no anything else you need to do.... view more

android listview , how to implement list view in android , how set string value in listview android

Android demo   kishan 2014-09-25